Face Masks

My face masks are made of two layers of 100% cotton fabric with a pocket for optional filter. They have a wire over the nose and adjustable ear elastics. 

All masks are $10 each. I have many fabric options and I'm trying to get new fabrics all the time, so please contact me for current fabric choices.


I can make masks in several sizes: little kid (ages 2-7), big kid (ages 8-12), adult (one size fits most), and XL (for larger people, or to accommodate facial hair). Please let me know if you have a special request. I may be able to design something if you've had trouble with fit. Most fit problems are due to issues with elastic. 


I've washed and dried all the fabrics so they should not shrink, but I would recommend washing them in a lingerie bag and line drying. Please try on your mask and adjust the elastic as needed, then tighten the knot before washing. 


Some people have trouble with glasses fogging no matter which mask they try. You can try a couple of hacks; first try to really mold the nose wire to your nose and cheeks. Wear the mask slightly lower on your face so your breath comes out under your chin instead of up your cheeks. Try folding a piece of tissue over your nose under your mask to absorb moisture from your breath. I've also heard that washing your glasses with shaving cream reduces fogging. 


It can get stuffy inside your mask! Try putting a drop of eucalyptus or peppermint oil inside your mask or sucking on menthol cough drops. (Nursing mamas don't use menthol, it can tank your supply!)