Emergency Preparedness


$450 base price


- Red Cross Emergency preparedness kit

- 72 hours of food and water

- Water filtration straw

- Emergency toilet system

- N95 breathing masks 

- Informational binder, containing vital info for your reference during an emergency


$600 base price


- 72-hour kit (above)

- Go-bags for each family member

   - Flashlight

   - Breathing masks

   - Water canteen

   - Simple first aid kit

- Family meeting to practice emergency plan


$750 base price

plus hourly inventory


- Everything you see above plus

- Home inventory

- Car and office kits 

   - Everything you see in the Go-bag plus

   - Emergency blanket

   - Water filtration straw

Optional add-ons

- Fire-proof safe, $60

- Solar phone battery, $50

- Weather-proof storage chest, $150

Client will need to provide various personal items, such as emergency clothing, shoes, medications for each family member, pet supplies, phone chargers and similar. 

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